About Us

Hello, ☺️

I'm Jasmine, Mom of Madison and Mason, and Momager behind this budding little Lipgloss Empire. My sweet little doll got an idea from a TikTok video, and without hesitation, we acted on it. Madi has always had a love for makeup, but once she saw a girl making her own, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Lol. "Hey, I can do that!", she said. Before the night was over, the three of us (her brother included) had come up with all kinds of lipgloss colors and flavors and I had ordered the supplies. 

Every color chosen, every flavor added, every glitter sprinkle and sparkle you see, was carefully handpicked by my little Dove herself. We use all natural oils, cosmetic grade pigments, and we sanitize all the tubes before and after they are filled. Everything we do here is with love, and we appreciate you for stopping by.